Examining the economics of affordability through water diaries in Coastal Bangladesh

Monitoring affordability of drinking water services is constrained by data gaps from traditional approaches that rely on cross-sectional data from infrequent, nationally representative surveys. This research present findings from an 18-week water diary study that documented daily water choices and expenditures of a stratified sample of 120 households in coastal Bangladesh.

Empowerment in WASH Index

This brief presents the Empowerment in WASH Index (EWI), a new tool for measuring empowerment in the water, sanitation and health sector, and shows how it has been applied in Burkina Faso.

Streamflow response to climate change in the Greater Horn of Africa

The Greater Horn of Africa region increasingly experiences high risk of water scarcity. This research published in Climate Change finds that future streamflow will decrease as a result of climate change in major trans-boundary rivers in the Horn of Africa.

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