Book chapter: Equity and Urban Water Security

Authors: Katrina J. Charles, Thanti Octavianti, Erin Hylton, and Grace Remmington

Urban water security is critical in securing the economic development promise of urbanization. Urbanization can be a driver of growth and development. However, this relies on overcoming issues of marginality and exclusion, and managing water security during a process commonly associated with environmental degradation, unmanaged expansion and the concentration of risk.

This chapter explores water security in the urban space, and the interrelations between the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for water and for cities. They authors draw from their research in megacities (Jakarta, Indonesia, and São Paulo, Brazil) to explore the trade‐offs in urban water security, with a particular emphasis on equity of outcomes.

This book chapter was published in ‘Water Science, Policy and Management: A Global Challenge‘, edited by Simon James Dadson, Dustin E. Garrick, Edmund C. Penning-Rowsell, Jim W. Hall, Rob Hope, Jocelyne Hughes and published by Wiley.

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