Stories of Change 

Since 2015, the REACH programme has been working with government, UNICEF, academic institutions, private sector and civil society partners to improve water security for 10 million people in Africa and Asia.

These partnerships have been central to REACH’s work and success, but the path to change is never linear. Our Stories of Change document key findings to date and the impact our work is having in the form of case studies.

They range from influencing policy and practice, to developing new cutting-edge models, tools and technologies, to empowering early-career, women and researchers from the global south and more.

Overall, they underscore the value of science, inter-disciplinary research and partnerships for improving the lives of people in Africa and Asia and beyond.



The SafePani model: Delivering safe drinking water in schools and healthcare centres | Bangladesh


Enhancing climate resilience of water, sanitation & hygiene services in healthcare facilities | Kenya


Making water safe for maternal & neonatal care in hospitals | Bangladesh


Improving water security through Sustainable Land Management | Ethiopia


Protecting groundwater for climate resilience and water security in Turkana | Kenya


Participatory water resource management | Ethiopia


Scaling up results-based funding for rural water services | Kenya

REACH is a global research programme to improve water security for the poor by delivering world-class science that transforms policy and practice. 

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