Guideline: Selection, training and managing para-hydrologists

Authors: David Walker, Alemseged Tamiru Haile, John Gowing, Nathan Forsythe, Geoff Parkin

This guideline is the second part of a two-part series concerning citizen science hydroclimate monitoring. The two guidelines were designed to be simultaneously consulted though the first is focused particularly on Ethiopia. The documents have been developed following citizen science research in Ethiopia since 2014 and in India since 2016 where multiple study sites have had community-based, or citizen science, monitoring (CBM) implemented using an iterative process leading to continual improvement of the methodology. In addition, the guidelines consider successful CBM in the UK and South Africa which have informed and been informed by the Ethiopia and India research.

This second guideline is aimed at technical staff involved in introducing CBM such as researchers, development agents and district level experts. The purpose of the guideline is to give guidance on the selection, training and managing of para-hydrologists to ensure the successful running of CBM.


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