Drinking water services in coastal Bangladesh

Authors: Sonia Ferdous Hoque, Rob Hope, Mohammad Monirul Alam, Katrina Charles, Mashfiqus Salehin, Zahid Hayat Mahmud, Tanjila Akhter, Alex Fischer, Dara Johnston, Patrick Thomson, Ahamed Zakaria, Jim Hall, Orlando Roman, Nassim El Achi, and Md. Muammer Jumlad.

This report presents empirical evidence on the existing state of drinking water services in coastal Bangladesh, highlighting challenges and opportunities for reforms in the institutional design, information systems, and sustainable finances under the proposed ‘SafePani’ model. The report draws on four years of interdisciplinary and collaborative work of the REACH programme1 in Khulna district, and is one of the two of background working papers supporting the main report titled Policy reform for safe drinking water service delivery in rural Bangladesh (Hope et al. 2021).

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