Credit: Li Ann Ong

28 April 2023

Universal access to quality healthcare: getting the fundamentals right with safe WASH services 

Dr Li Ann Ong, University of Oxford  First, do no harm: our moral obligation is to provide a safe healthcare environment.   My motivation to work on WASH in  healthcare facilities (HCFs) stems from my past career as a critical care doctor, working in diverse resource settings across Europe, Australasia and the Pacific Islands. During my […]

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Infrastructure assessment by FundiFix. Photo credit: Rob Hope

18 April 2023

Model results for scale-up of professionalized water services maintenance in Kenya suggest functionality gains and reduced government spending

Pranav Chintalapati, University of British Columbia Over the past decade, new approaches for rural water maintenance service provision have emerged, disrupting the status quo of community-based management and government intervention. FundiFix is one of a new cohort of professional maintenance companies and has been incubated through Oxford research since 2012 in Kenya. The emergence of […]

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A rainwater harvesting tank at a rural health care facility to be refilled by a water truck during dry season in Kitui County, Kenya. Credit: Annah Kavata/FundiFix

14 April 2023

Reliable water and hygiene services for Health Care Facilities in Kitui County, Kenya

Cliff Nyaga, University of Oxford In rural Kenya, Health Care Facilities (HCFs), specifically dispensaries and clinics, provide lifesaving care for millions of people living in remote villages. These areas are characterised by low population densities and high poverty levels, in turn contributing to limited access to social services such as roads, water, health, education, housing, […]

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Kelly Ann Naylor, Associate Director, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Section, Programme Division, UNICEF

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