Professor Katrina Charles features on Vice-Chancellor’s Podcast

Professor Katrina Charles recently featured on the Fire and Wire podcast, hosted by the University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Irene Tracey. This podcast series, now in its second year, explores different aspects of the Oxford community, documenting the diverse...

Fair Water? REACH’s new exhibition at Oxford’s Museum of Natural History

The Fair Water? Exhibition takes its visitors on an immersive journey along a river, from source to mouth, drawing on REACH’s research in Africa and Asia, and weaving in art, digital installations, and specimens from the museum – different sets of tools that engage different parts of our brains…

Policy-makers meet to advance the water security agenda in Kenya

On October 27th, REACH Kenya welcomed Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation, Hon. Zachariah Njeru, as the opening speaker at the National Stakeholder Forum on Climate Resilience and Water Security. Governors from Kitui, Marsabit...

What can the rural water sector learn from francophone West Africa?

Meleesa Naughton Many countries are looking to expand rural water services and improve service levels for people living in small towns and rural areas by investing in small, decentralised piped water services. Francophone West Africa has a long history of delegating...

We are failing to deliver safe drinking water globally – what needs to change?

Uptime has designed and implemented contracts for results-based payments that incentivise reliability of water services through standardised volume and revenue metrics. We present new metrics, building on REACH research, to further incentivise water safety actions by service providers to deliver safer drinking water in small water systems that will be piloted in 2024.

Improving water security, reducing inequalities

As we mark World Water Day 2022, REACH is posting a series of new resources featuring work to improve water security in schools, health care facilities and households. Read more below to find out more.

REACH is hiring!

Are you interested in water security, water quality and climate resilience? REACH is currently advertising three research roles joining Dr Katrina Charles’ water quality team. Application deadline: 15 April.

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