We are failing to deliver safe drinking water globally – what needs to change?

Uptime has designed and implemented contracts for results-based payments that incentivise reliability of water services through standardised volume and revenue metrics. We present new metrics, building on REACH research, to further incentivise water safety actions by service providers to deliver safer drinking water in small water systems that will be piloted in 2024.

The UN Water Conference is a rare window of opportunity

The UN will host the second global water conference in New York on 22-24 March, over forty years after the first gathering in Argentina in 1977. It begs the questions: why so long? And, what can this event hope to deliver? 

Improving water security, reducing inequalities

As we mark World Water Day 2022, REACH is posting a series of new resources featuring work to improve water security in schools, health care facilities and households. Read more below to find out more.

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