Addressing socio-economic inequalities in Lodwar and broader Turkana

Authors: Marina Korzenevica, Catherine Grasham, Dalmas Ochieng Omia, Salome Bukachi.

The REACH Programme held a workshop entitled “Socio-economic aspects of flash floods, water and climate” on Wednesday 23rd February 2022 at the Cradle Tented Camp Lodwar, Turkana County. The risks around flash floods, water and climate are among the top worries among the poor population of Lodwar. These risks are experienced differently depending on multiple socio-economic factors. Several organisations have been enabling people’s survival while planning strategic and sustainable solutions to improve people’s lives. However, it is a process with many uncertainties, challenges, unexpected trajectories and undesirable consequences. This meeting aimed to discuss how water and flood risks relate to socio-economic inequalities. There were presentations on critical gender and intersectional considerations on what to think about at the time of interventions, socio-economic aspects of flash flood risk evaluation and flooding and water insecurity in Lodwar.

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