Webinar: Climate research uptake into policy and practice: Exploring challenges and opportunities with scientists and practitioners

29 November 2018

In recent decades, climate data has dramatically increased in volume and complexity. However, the funding for climate modelling and the quality and quantity of climate data available is very variable on a global scale. Besides, in East-Africa, despite the increasing volume of climate information, there remains important gaps between the information held and produced by scientific institutions and that which is required to inform decision making.

This webinar attempts to shed light on the challenges and opportunities for producing and disseminating climate data that is relevant for practitioners and policy makers in East-Africa. It will discuss how climate and hydrological data and knowledge are produced by scientists; how policy makers and practitioners use climate data for short and long-term decision making and planning; and what are the barriers to the (co-)production and up-take of relevant, accessible, and usable data for long term development, adaptation and poverty reduction in East-Africa.


  • Dr Ellen Dyer, University of Oxford;
  • Dr Meron Teferi Taye, Water and Land Resource Centre;
  • Jesse DeMaria-Kinney, Oxfam GB;
  • Yosef Welderufael Kinfe, Ethiopia Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) Adviser
  • Chair/facilitator: Jorge Alvarez-Sala, UNICEF Ethiopia


Time: 9:30-11:00 UK time; 10:30-12:00 Central European time; 12:30-14:00 Ethiopian time;

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Kelly Ann Naylor, Associate Director, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Section, Programme Division, UNICEF

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