Water Security and Poverty Conference - 2023

20-22 September 2023
Oxford, UK

Climate shocks, industrial pollution, unsafe drinking water services and food insecurity are increasing, leaving the most vulnerable people to face the greatest risks to their lives and livelihoods. Advances in water security policy and practice are emerging from governments, companies and communities.  

However, progress is slow, uneven, and often unsustainable given the scale and scope of water insecurity challenges. How can a government deliver safe drinking water services to one billion people? Why is East Africa so dry? How can climate science shape policy decisions? What is the role of industry to reduce and eliminate pollution in urban rivers? How are governments  rethinking water security finance? 

 On 20-22 September, the REACH international conference will convene leaders from government, industry, academia, finance, and civil society to define the water security agenda to 2030 and beyond.  The conference will feature how the latest science is shaping policy and practice to address key challenges on climate services, sustainable finance and water quality at local and regional scales. 

We will discuss the evidence and insights for governments, industry and development agencies to shape more effective responses, learning from a global coalition of partners. 

Join us on 20-22 September in Oxford to be part of the conversation and map out priorities for research, policy and practice! #WithinREACH


Kelly Ann Naylor, Associate Director, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Section, Programme Division, UNICEF

'Our partnership with REACH recognises science has a critical role in designing and delivering effective policy and improving practice on the ground.'

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