3 March 2023

Valley formation aridifies East Africa and elevates Congo Basin rainfall

Published in Nature, this study uncovers how east-west river valleys direct millions of tonnes of water vapour from the Indian Ocean away from East Africa and towards the Congo rainforest, and, in doing so, limit East African rainfall.

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21 February 2023

Water Services Maintenance Trust Fund Impact Report, 2016-2021

The Water Services Maintenance Trust Fund has tested a professional service delivery model in two counties and attracted new sources of results-based funds to guarantee water services in rural communities. Water users pay an affordable share of the costs to guarantee repairs are completed in a few days rather than weeks or months. This summary reports some of the impacts from maintaining rural handpumps and small piped systems.

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20 February 2023

Costs and benefits of improving water and sanitation in slums and non-slum neighborhoods in Dhaka, a fast-growing mega-city

This paper presents the results of a large-scale survey focusing on slum and non-slum residents’ experiences with urban water supply, water pollution and flood risks and associated costs of illness (COI).

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Kelly Ann Naylor, Associate Director, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Section, Programme Division, UNICEF

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