5 September 2022

Observations of the Turkana Jet and the East African Dry Tropics

This article presents research from a field campaign in northwest Kenya on the Turkana Low Level jet, an intrinsic part of the African climate system and principle method of water vapor transport to the African interior from the Indian Ocean. Measured for the first time in 40 years, this dataset presents new evidence on the Turkana jet, and creates an opportunity to better understand regional dynamics in one of the most data-sparse regions in the world.

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26 July 2022

Incentivizing clean water collection during rainfall to reduce disease in rural sub-Saharan Africa with weather dependent pricing

This article proposes a new pricing mechanism for ‘water ATMs’, made possible with pre-payment and remote sensing, where prices adjust during rainy seasons to incentivise the continued use of clean water sources. The authors estimate cost per capita and cost per disability-adjusted life year averted, resulting in values which compare favourably with other water quality interventions.

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1 June 2022

Addressing socio-economic inequalities in Lodwar and broader Turkana

This report details outcomes from a workshop in Turkana, Kenya, on ‘Socio-economic aspects of flash floods, water and climate’, held in February 2022. The workshop discussed how water and flood risks relate to socio-economic inequalities, as well as critical gender and intersectionality considerations.

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Kelly Ann Naylor, Associate Director, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Section, Programme Division, UNICEF

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