11 April 2023

Improving management of intermittent piped water systems in Ethiopian small towns

Based on long-term research engagement in Wukro, Tigray, this brief presents three recommendations for inclusive water services in intermittent piped water systems in small towns in Ethiopia.

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13 February 2023

Participatory water resource management

A para-hydrology initiative in two regions of Ethiopia trained citizen scientists to collect quantitative data on rural hydrological systems. The data has been successfully used in several peer-reviewed studies to predict and assess the impact of sustainable land management interventions.

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26 January 2023

REACH Exit Strategy

REACH’s Exit Strategy scopes out actions to promote the legacy of the programme, highlighting opportunities to sustain, scale-up, and scale-out our work.

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Kelly Ann Naylor, Associate Director, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Section, Programme Division, UNICEF

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